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High Wood Gloucestershire

High Wood is a small forest located in the county of Gloucestershire, England. Situated near the town of Newent, it covers an area of approximately 100 acres. The wood is predominantly made up of deciduous trees such as oak, beech, and birch, creating a diverse and vibrant landscape.

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Pinnocks Moor Dorset

Pinnocks Moor, located in Dorset, England, is a remarkable area comprised of both downs and moorland. Stretching across approximately 600 hectares, this diverse landscape offers a unique blend of rolling hills, open grasslands, and heathlands, making it an attractive destination for nature...

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Cnoc Eireachdais Argyllshire

Cnoc Eireachdais, also known as Eireachdais Hill, is a prominent mountain located in Argyllshire, Scotland. It stands at an impressive height of approximately 874 meters (2,867 feet) and is part of the Grampian Mountain range. The name "Cnoc Eireachdais" translates to "Hill of the Irish" in...

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Snelda Hill Shetland

Snelda Hill is a prominent hill located in the Shetland Islands, an archipelago situated off the north coast of mainland Scotland. With an elevation of approximately 344 meters (1,129 feet), it is considered one of the highest points on the island of Mainland, which is the largest and most...

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