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Where is Lochnagar Hills?

Coire Boidheach in winter During winter, a narrowing of the coire fills with deep snow, and large cornices form. In February 2023, there was less snow than usual, exposing the stream which would normally be buried under many feet of snow at this time of year
Coire Boidheach in winter Credit: Mike Duguid

Lochnagar Hills, located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, is a range of mountains or hills that forms part of the Grampian Mountains. Situated within the Cairngorms National Park, the hills are a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, offering breathtaking views and a variety of recreational activities.

The Lochnagar Hills stretch for approximately 8 miles, with the highest peak being Cac Carn Beag, standing at an impressive 3,786 feet. The range is characterized by its rugged terrain, deep corries, and stunning lochs, including the iconic Loch Muick. These features were shaped by the movement of glaciers during the last Ice Age, leaving behind a dramatic landscape that attracts hikers, climbers, and nature lovers alike.

The area is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including red deer, golden eagles, ptarmigans, and mountain hares. The hills are also renowned for their flora, with heather, bilberry, and crowberry covering the slopes during the summer months.

There are numerous walking routes and trails available, catering to all levels of experience and fitness. The most popular route is the circular walk around Loch Muick, providing stunning views of the surrounding hills and the chance to spot wildlife. For more experienced hikers, the ascent of Lochnagar itself is a challenging but rewarding endeavor, offering panoramic vistas over the surrounding countryside.

In addition to hiking, the Lochnagar Hills offer opportunities for mountaineering, rock climbing, fishing, and camping, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts seeking an adventure in the Scottish Highlands.

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Images are sourced within 2km of 56.933984/-3.2672848 or Grid Reference NO2283. Thanks to Geograph Open Source API. All images are credited.

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Lochnagar Hills is located at Grid Ref: NO2283 (Lat: 56.933984, Lng: -3.2672848)

Unitary Authority: Aberdeenshire

Police Authority: North East

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Lochnagar Hills

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