Al Hai at Tigari

Section Of Populated Place, Aden


Where is Al Hai at Tigari?

Al Hai at Tigari is a section of populated place in Aden, Yemen. It has an elevation of 22 meters above sea level. It is also known as Al Hai at Tigari, Al Hayy at Tiqqari, Al Ḩayy at Tiqqārī. Information correct as at Thursday 19th January 2012.


Al Hai at Tigari Data

Name Al Hai at Tigari
Asciiname Al Hai at Tigari
Alternatenames Al Hai at Tigari;Al Hayy at Tiqqari;Al Ḩayy at Tiqqārī
Latitude 12.78278
Longitude 45.03306
Feature Class P
Feature Id PPLX
Country Id YE
Admin1 Code 02
Admin2 Code 2407
Area Id YE.02
District Id YE.02.2407
Admin3 Code
Admin4 Code
Population 0
Elevation 0
Dem 22
Timezone Id Asia/Aden
Modification Date 2012-01-19

Aden Data

Name Aden
Asciiname Aden
Code 80412

Asia/Aden (Time Zone) Data

Id Asia/Aden
Countrycode YE
Gmtoffset 3.0
Dstoffset 3.0
Rawoffset 3.0

Section Of Populated Place (Feature) Data

Summary section of populated place

Yemen Data

Name Yemen
Alpha-3 YEM
Country-code 887
Iso 3166-2 ISO 3166-2:YE
Region Asia
Sub-region Western Asia
Region-code 142
Sub-region-code 145

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