Arroyo San Nicolás

Intermittent Stream, Aguascalientes


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302/365 Aguascalientes
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Arroyo San Nicolas is an intermittent stream located in the state of Aguascalientes, Mexico. It originates from the Sierra Fría mountain range and flows through the municipality of Pabellón de Arteaga. The stream is approximately 22 kilometers long and has a drainage basin of 64 square kilometers.

During the rainy season, which typically occurs from June to September, the stream flows with water and can be quite strong. However, during the dry season, the stream can completely dry up, leaving behind only a dry bed.

The vegetation surrounding Arroyo San Nicolas consists primarily of mesquite trees, which are well adapted to the arid climate. The stream also supports a variety of wildlife, including birds, reptiles, and small mammals.

The intermittent nature of Arroyo San Nicolas has led to challenges for local communities who rely on the stream for irrigation and livestock watering. In recent years, efforts have been made to promote sustainable water management practices, including the construction of small dams and reservoirs to capture and store water during the rainy season for use during the dry season.

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Arroyo San Nicolás is a intermittent stream in Aguascalientes, Mexico. It has an elevation of 1920 meters above sea level. Information correct as at Friday 7th September 2012.

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///donor.outsize.limes. Near Cartagena, Aguascalientes


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Arroyo San Nicolás Data

Name Arroyo San Nicolás
Asciiname Arroyo San Nicolas
Latitude 21.92407
Longitude -102.27397
Feature Class H
Feature Id STMI
Country Id MX
Admin1 Code 01
Admin2 Code
Area Id MX.01
District Id MX.01.
Admin3 Code
Admin4 Code
Population 0
Elevation 0
Dem 1920
Timezone Id America/Mexico_City
Modification Date 2012-09-07
What3words donor.outsize.limes
What3words Place Cartagena, Aguascalientes

Aguascalientes Data

Name Aguascalientes
Asciiname Aguascalientes
Code 4019231

America/Mexico_City (Time Zone) Data

Id America/Mexico_City
Countrycode MX
Gmtoffset -6.0
Dstoffset -5.0
Rawoffset -6.0

Intermittent Stream (Feature) Data

Summary intermittent stream

Mexico Data

Name Mexico
Alpha-3 MEX
Country-code 484
Iso 3166-2 ISO 3166-2:MX
Region Americas
Sub-region Latin America and the Caribbean
Intermediate-region Central America
Region-code 019
Sub-region-code 419
Intermediate-region-code 013