Al Jufrah

First-order Administrative Division, Al Jufrah


Where is Al Jufrah?

Al Jufrah is a first-order administrative division in Al Jufrah, Libya. It has a population of 47,538 and an elevation of 474 meters above sea level. It is also known as Al Djoufrah, Al Jafrah, Al Jufrah, Al Jufrah Destrict, Al-Dzufra, Al-Dżufra, Al-Džufra, Baladiyat al Jufrah, Baladīyat al Jufrah, Cufriaen, Cufriän, Distretto di Giofra, Districtul Al Jufrah, Distrikto Al Gufra, Distrikto Al Ĝufra, Dzsufra tartomany, Dzsufra tartomány, Dzufros savivaldybe, Džufros savivaldybė, Ehl'-Dzhufra, El Cufra ili, Jufra District, Municypaliteht Ehl'-Dzhufra, Munizip al-Dschufra, Sha`biyat al Jafrah, Sha`biyat al Jufrah, Sha‘bīyat al Jafrah, Sha‘bīyat al Jufrah, aljfrt, astan jfrh, el-jupra, jufura xian, jupeula ju, zhu fu la sheng, Вилояти Ал Ҷуфра, Муніцыпалітэт Эль-Джуфра, Эль-Джуфра, استان جفره, الجفرة, جفرہ ضلع, شعبية الجفرة, ელ-ჯუფრა, ジュフラ県, 朱夫拉省, 주프라 주. Information correct as at Tuesday 29th July 2014.


Al Jufrah Data

Name Al Jufrah
Asciiname Al Jufrah
Alternatenames Al Djoufrah;Al Jafrah;Al Jufrah;Al Jufrah Destrict;Al-Dzufra;Al-Dżufra;Al-Džufra;Baladiyat al Jufrah;Baladīyat al Jufrah;Cufriaen;Cufriän;Distretto di Giofra;Districtul Al Jufrah;Distrikto Al Gufra;Distrikto Al Ĝufra;Dzsufra tartomany;Dzsufra tartomány;Dzufros savivaldybe;Džufros savivaldybė;Ehl'-Dzhufra;El Cufra ili;Jufra District;Municypaliteht Ehl'-Dzhufra;Munizip al-Dschufra;Sha`biyat al Jafrah;Sha`biyat al Jufrah;Sha‘bīyat al Jafrah;Sha‘bīyat al Jufrah;aljfrt;astan jfrh;el-jupra;jufura xian;jupeula ju;zhu fu la sheng;Вилояти Ал Ҷуфра;Муніцыпалітэт Эль-Джуфра;Эль-Джуфра;استان جفره;الجفرة;جفرہ ضلع;شعبية الجفرة;ელ-ჯუფრა;ジュフラ県;朱夫拉省;주프라 주
Latitude 28
Longitude 17.41667
Feature Class A
Feature Id ADM1
Country Id LY
Admin1 Code 64
Admin2 Code
Area Id LY.64
District Id LY.64.
Admin3 Code
Admin4 Code
Population 47538
Elevation 0
Dem 474
Timezone Id Africa/Tripoli
Modification Date 2014-07-29

Al Jufrah Data

Name Al Jufrah
Asciiname Al Jufrah
Code 2219944

Africa/Tripoli (Time Zone) Data

Id Africa/Tripoli
Countrycode LY
Gmtoffset 2.0
Dstoffset 2.0
Rawoffset 2.0

First-order Administrative Division (Feature) Data

Summary first-order administrative division
Description a primary administrative division of a country, such as a state in the United States

Libya Data

Name Libya
Alpha-3 LBY
Country-code 434
Iso 3166-2 ISO 3166-2:LY
Region Africa
Sub-region Northern Africa
Region-code 002
Sub-region-code 015

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