Populated Place, Zabul


Where is Dāwūdzaī?

Dāwūdzaī is a populated place in Zabul, Afghanistan. It has an elevation of 2213 meters above sea level. It is also known as Da`udza'i, Daudzay, Dauzi, Davodzay, Davudzay, Dawudzai, Dawzai, Dawzi, Dāvodzay, Dāvūdzay, Dāwzaī, Dāwūdzaī, dawwdzy, dawzy, داوزی, داوودزی, Ḏāwzi, Ḏā‘ūḏzā’i. Information correct as at Monday 16th January 2012.


Dāwūdzaī Data

Name Dāwūdzaī
Asciiname Dawudzai
Alternatenames Da`udza'i;Daudzay;Dauzi;Davodzay;Davudzay;Dawudzai;Dawzai;Dawzi;Dāvodzay;Dāvūdzay;Dāwzaī;Dāwūdzaī;dawwdzy;dawzy;داوزی;داوودزی;Ḏāwzi;Ḏā‘ūḏzā’i
Latitude 32.64129
Longitude 66.73759
Feature Class P
Feature Id PPL
Country Id AF
Admin1 Code 28
Admin2 Code
Area Id AF.28
District Id AF.28.
Admin3 Code
Admin4 Code
Population 0
Elevation 0
Dem 2213
Timezone Id Asia/Kabul
Modification Date 2012-01-16

Zabul Data

Name Zabul
Asciiname Zabul
Code 1121143

Asia/Kabul (Time Zone) Data

Id Asia/Kabul
Countrycode AF
Gmtoffset 4.5
Dstoffset 4.5
Rawoffset 4.5

Populated Place (Feature) Data

Summary populated place
Description a city, town, village, or other agglomeration of buildings where people live and work

Afghanistan Data

Name Afghanistan
Alpha-3 AFG
Country-code 004
Iso 3166-2 ISO 3166-2:AF
Region Asia
Sub-region Southern Asia
Region-code 142
Sub-region-code 034

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